Forced Entry, Vandalism & Impact Damage

It is an unsettling experience to realize your home has been targeted by thieves, damaged by a vehicle impact or falling trees. That’s why the insurance restoration specialists at First General will respond to your call at any hour, making sure your property is secure and that you feel safe.

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What You Need To Know

Break & Enter / Vehicle Impact Damage

  • Call 911

    If the damage is from break and enter or vehicle impact call 911 and let the Police Department complete their investigation.

  • Make phone calls.

    Phone us and your insurance provider. Our experts are the safest way of diagnosing the full extent of the damage.

  • Secure your home

    Our staff will immediately complete any temporary repairs and secure your home. After this, we’ll work with you in rebuilding and restoration.

24/7 emergency contact 403 229 1479

Break & Enter/Vehicle Impact

Safety and Repair Services

Damage from a break & enter, vandalism or impact damage can create structural instability and make your property feel unsafe. The certified technicians at First General are available any time of day or night to complete temporary repairs and shoring so that further damage does not occur. When required, our team can also take care to secure the site and guard the property 24/7, and ensure you feel safe in your home. Experiencing damage from forced entry or vandalism is unnerving, but with First General’s immediate response time, you can rest assured that security and safety is just one call away.

  • Site structural survey completed by an engineer (when requested by the adjuster) to ensure structural integrity.

  • Risk mitigation

  • Temporary repair and security solutions

  • Rebuilding and restoration

Our Guarantee

Following our work rebuilding and repairing your home we guarantee full structural integrity from all of the areas we have restored.

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