Rebuilding the Home You Love

After the full clean up and safety assurance of your home is completed, our construction experts will work with you to rebuild your home and restore your peace of mind. With 30 years of experience in disaster recovery and home repair, we offer the very best in quality workmanship and customer service.

Built with Quality, Integrity and Accountability

Our strong commitment to quality extends past clean-up and into the construction and home repair process as well. While damage to your home exposes initial danger, our rebuild and restoration services provide an opportunity to guarantee your home’s structure, restore to like kind and quality and/or rebuild to new, creating a beautiful space you can enjoy once again.

Our specialization in rebuilds gives us an unparalleled ability to match (and renew) the home you love.

Working With Insurance

After working alongside you throughout the clean-up phase, you’ll already know how much easier we make your insurance claim process. This service continues throughout the entire home repair process as well. We’ll work with you to get the very best in materials, construction and quality, all while communicating these needs to your insurance company. With First General your rebuild will be fast, easy and beautiful!

Speak with our qualified staff

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