Water Damage & Sewage

Everyone fears the unexpected squish of your toes on wet carpet or the first sniff of something funky wafting from the basement. Dealing with water damage and sewer backup can be stressful – but the highly trained disaster recovery specialists at First General are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

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What You Need To Know

Water Damage & Sewer Backup

  • If possible turn off the water source.

    If possible turn off the water source.

  • Make phone calls.

    Water damage is time sensitive! Phone us and your insurance provider immediately!

  • Our staff will instruct you in cleaning/drying up what you can.

    Our staff will instruct you in cleaning/drying up what you can.

24/7 emergency contact 403 229 1479

Water Damage & Sewage

Cleaning & Recovery Services

Water damage and sewer backup require immediate attention to minimize damage. We are available 24 hours a day, any day of the week. We will begin assessing, disinfecting and drying the affected areas. With an arsenal of the latest equipment and expertly trained and certified technicians, First General can handle all types of structural drying regardless of the magnitude of damage.

  • Trained technicians apply structural drying strategies

  • Air movers & dehumidifiers

  • Floor drying mats – remove moisture from hardwood floors

  • Hydroxyls & air scrubbers – cleans the air & removes odor from affected areas

  • Injectidry systems – penetrates into wall cavities to apply structural drying without removing building material

  • Contents cleaning and inventory service

    • Esporta Wash System – removes bacteria, mold, and fungus from items
    • Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning – high-frequency sound waves to clean contaminated items inside and out.
  • Rebuilding and restoration

Our Guarantee

We adhere to a strict standards code in all of our drying procedures to ensure your safety and the quality of your home. Following the completion of emergency services, the entire structure will be dried, adhering to the IICRC standard.

Do you have water damage or sewer backup?

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