Fire & Smoke Damage

Dealing with fire and smoke damage can be overwhelming and the odour clinging to the drapes, stained ceilings and charred cabinets can be overpowering. We understand your home is more than just a house and are committed to cleaning and restoring your home and belongings to their pre-loss condition.

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What You Need To Know

Fire & Smoke Damage

  • Call 911

    Call 911 and let the Fire Department take over!

  • Make phone calls.

    Phone us and your insurance provider.

  • Timeline for cleanup and restoration

    Our staff will create a strategy and timeline for the cleanup and restoration of your home.

24/7 emergency contact 403 229 1479

Fire & Smoke

Cleaning & Recovery Services

Even after a fire is put out, smoke can continue to penetrate exposed surfaces and cause further damage. Homes also commonly suffer water damage from fighting the fire. Our team of experienced fire and smoke damage restoration experts use the latest equipment and technology to thoroughly clean the affected areas and eradicate smoke odours. We also take care to protect your property during the cleaning and restoration process, boarding up unprotected openings and providing site security if necessary. Before long your home will be as good as new.

  • Trained technicians apply structural drying strategies

  • Air movers & dehumidifiers

  • Floor drying mats – remove moisture from hardwood floors

  • Hydroxyls & air scrubbers – cleans the air & removes odor from affected areas.

  • Injecti-Dry systems – penetrates into wall cavities to apply structural drying without removing building material

  • Contents cleaning and inventory service

    • Esporta Wash System – removes bacteria, mold and fungus from items
    • Fireline Ultrasonic Cleaning – high frequency sound waves to clean contaminated items inside and out.
  • Rebuilding and restoration

Our Guarantee

Following our work drying, cleaning and repairing your home we guarantee you will no longer have to worry about structural damage, smoke stains or smells of fire/smoke from any of the areas we have restored.

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